How Men And Women Think

Realities are, a lot of males think that these model-thin gals would look a lot better with additional 15 pounds or so on them. Women often do not know exactly what guys wish for in a female and they make the error of thinking it is the way they dress and the style in which they use cosmetics.

Honest truth be told, guys are very drawn toward ladies when the guy really feels valued and admired. If you make these sensations in a man he would become your dedicated servant. Ladies feel like guys don’t care exactly how they look and this bothers them due to the fact that it mirrors improperly them.

In all honesty, men do have an amazing design that matches them, especially in relation to their bodies and they do need being told how great they look every so often. The trick is the fact that frequently what ladies say to males makes them believe that they’re dis respected and not admired and this in turn makes a guy insecure and he overcompensates. This might make them appear egotistical. Males know that they need to never malign a lady’s look. Make him desire you. If you would like to switch off a man malign a his abilities.

The fact is many guys really feel a pair of jeans and mussed up hair is just as much a turn on as pumps and a two hour make-up job. This is also the truth regarding body size and shape. Guys are not single minded with their desires and, like I stated before, if you appreciate the man and make him really feel valued, he’s bound to love you.

In some cases, but they would never say to you the truth when you ask just how they really feel concerning the way a specific item of clothes affects your appearance. When making these types of inquiries, men just respond to the inquiry truthfully only in their heads. They’re going to state aloud exactly what they think you want to hear.

“Sure, we males think of it more than girls do, but we don’t want it for merely the bodily satisfaction. For men, it isn’t as much concerning affection as it is for women, yet it does fulfill our psychological requirement for positive self-image.”.

Men pay attention to girls ;however, not the way women pay attention to each other. Men wish the “Reader’s Digest” condensed version considering that they think mostly simple facts and remedies whereas ladies place fantastic stock in the talking component. For women the act of paying attention is a type of intimacy, for guys resolving troubles is the way they employ to show caring and love.

Reasons To Use A Memorable Phone Number For Your Taxi Firm

You may have seen them many times depending on where you live or spend your working day, country or city, you’ll no doubt have seen taxis or cabs with their phone numbers emblazoned on the roof.

A taxi firm’s life blood is no doubt the fares they get, and they are always looking to attract more fares, so showing their number on their vehicle is a great way to get to get them, as I’ve been told by a guy who runs a private hire and taxi in Ashford.

However, some taxi companies short change themselves by using phone numbers that are not easy to remember and as a result they miss out on some easy extra fares from people who saw their numbers around town.

Here are 5 reasons to use a memorable for your taxi firm:

Reason 1
We’ve said before about putting your number on a taxi roof, but you can easily display your memorable number for all eyes too see. This can apply to any kind of vehicle and for the best effect, it’s a great idea to have a light underneath the phone number so that it shows up in the dark; excellent for those long dark evenings we get in the autumn and winter.

Reason 2
In the summer season particularly you will get plenty of tourists if you operate in the city or in a popular county town. Tourists and visitors to the area often hire a taxi to take them to places unknown to them on roads they also don’t know. If you display a memorable number on your vehicle, tourists will see it and either remember (ideally) it for later in their holiday or write it down or take a picture to refer to when they need to.

Reason 3
One great way for a taxi or private hire service to advertise is in local magazines or classifieds papers that are normally distributed free of charge around neighbourhoods and through folks’ front doors.

If a taxi service, (or any service, for that matter), has a phone number that can easily be remembered by those looking for the service or just flicking through the magazine or paper, they will instantly have an advantage over other services competing in the same geographical area.

Reason 4
The phenomenon in the about the last 10 or so years that most people will have seen is the advert on top of and down the right hand side of search results. These are pay per click ads that major search engines are able to offer to services who will pay a fee for every visit to their website from people clicking on the adverts. The mechanics are slightly more complex than that but the adverts are allowed to contain phone numbers. If a service has a memorable, easy to dial phone number, they will get enquiries from the ads displayed in search results without the enquirer necessarily having to click on the ad.

Reason 5
And the same can apply to those taxi companies who have a web page that ranks in the normal search results. A typical web page will have a title tag which is also the blue text that people will click on to visit a website. Contrary to the pay per click method, each click through to the web page will not cost the site owner any money. You are free to add your memorable phone number in that title tag and again the simplicity of it will encourage people to just call without even clicking to view your site.

Having a phone number that is easy to remember for any potential fare is essential and getting more so in the competitive industry that is the taxi or private hire sector. The obvious bonus reason for having one is that a number such as 888 777 for example is so much easier to type into your phone; on a mobile nobody wants to fiddle around putting in a longer number with many different constituent numbers, especially if they’re in a hurry.

Tips To Find the Right Dog Dish For Your boxer

There are several dog bowls and feeders if you visit your nearest pet store and they come in various shapes and sizes that may tend to confuse you. While looking for the right dog dish for your boxer puppies you purchased from Loyal Comrades or any other breed of dog that you own, you will have to find what are the various types available in the market and what will work best for different age group and breeds of puppies and boxers. Here are some of the varieties of dog dishes available in the market that you can choose from for your pet dog.

Narrow Opening Based Bowls:
Those dog bowls that have sloping design with wide base and narrow opening are also called ‘angled dog bowls’ and can be used for feeding those dogs that have long floppy ears which generally obstruct their drinking or eating process, making the place messy and their tangles unruly. Thus search for dishes that have comparatively narrower base. However, it should not be so narrow that your pet boxer’s snout is unable to fit into it.

The Elevated Ones:
These dog bowls are ideal for dogs that are tall or large in appearance and have the tendency of neck or back problems. The bowls also help those smaller breeds who may be suffering with posture related problems or take in too much air at the time of eating. You should be able to measure the height of your boxer (from the shoulder blade’s highest point down to the floor)
before selecting his feeder or dish.

The Shallow Ones:
These bowls work best for those dogs that have flat-face or short nose (called the brachycephalic breed). Examples of such a breed would include the Pekingese, pugs and bulldogs. Such dogs have problems in breathing as well as upper respiratory system’s partial obstruction. With the use of shallow bowls you can help reduce the risk of these respiratory problems by lowering the pressure and strain of eating from higher bowls. These shallow bowls can also be used for feeding puppies for similar reasons.

The Slow Feeder Bowls:
If your boxer is one of those that tends to gulp down his food the ‘slow feeder’ bowl will be the right choice of feeder for him. It has been noticed that multi-dog households have dogs that literally gulp their food so that they do not get the time to chew the food. This gulping may lead to regurgitation and extra gas in the stomach eventually causing a fatal condition called ‘bloat’. With the help of these bowls you can reduce such risks and help your boxer navigate for food with the snout, helping in proper digestion of the food. It also helps in improving the nutrient absorption of the food.

The Deep Ones:
These bowls can be used for feeding the elongated or extended nose boxers which will make their eating natural and comfortable. Collies, dachshunds, wolfhounds and shelties are among the common breeds that have elongated muzzle or snout.

Material Selection:

Majority of the boxer dishes are available in ceramic, plastic, glass, stainless steel as well as polypropylene. Plastic ones are lowest in price and come in various patterns and coours. However, plastic may react with your pet dog’s skin causing skin irritation or allergy. If your pet dog is the quiet kind you can offer him food in ceramic dishes. These dishes are on the heavier side preventing tipping off and the material itself is highly durable in nature. Whatever your choice of bowl may be make sure that it is lead-free so that your dog is not adversely affected by the toxins or lead that is present in the bowl. The best option would be a stainless steel bowl as it can be a lifetime one for your pet dog and is completely safe and healthy to serve food in. Adding rubber ‘bowl holder’ will enable the bowl to stay in place while your pet is busy eating
from it.

With the above information you will be able to select the appropriate feeding dish for your pet

How to Receive a Real Psychic Reading and Avoid the Online Scams

Having a psychic reading can of course be not only an insightful experience, but also an exciting one. A good psychic will be able to reveal all sorts of details with respect to your future, and can even offer helpful advice on a particular problem that you need some assistance with to find a resolve. Unfortunately however, there are a relatively large number of companies with an internet presence claiming to be the very best at the trade and offering their services as “clairvoyants”.

With as many psychic readers as there are to choose from, is it possible to be sure which psychics are in fact real and which are merely spoof?

The Type of Questions Which can be Asked
Prior to calling a psychic, you should already have an idea about the form of questions you may or may not ask. It’s very true to say that not all psychics can predict lottery numbers or speak with the deceased. However, here are a few of the more common questions that can be answered when in discussion with a psychic advisor.

Is my husband/ wife cheating on me?
With regards to my current relationship, is it really “true love” or would it be wise to go our separate ways?

Will I ever find a soul mate and if so, when? Will I become pregnant, and if so, when?
I’ve been offered a new job opportunity, should I take it or stay with my current employer?
You’d probably be surprised about the amount of life issues that you can learn during a psychic reading. And it’s true to say that many people have met the loves of their lives thanks to a psychic reading.

How You can Avoid being Scammed by a Fake Psychic
It’s unfortunate, but we live in a world whereby some people pretend to be psychics so as to embezzle money from the more vulnerable folks in our society. Irrespective of what anyone will tell you, a psychic ability is something that you are either born with or otherwise. It’s certainly not a skill that may be learned or acquired. Should you ask any true psychic, they will say exactly the same thing.

ere you aware that some companies offer a form on their website, where you are able to apply to work with them as a psychic? Sad to say that it’s true. Many of the psychic networks you will find online employ “psychics” that merely filled out a website application form. Together with very little in the way of a screening process, you can rarely be sure if you’re actually talking to a genuine psychic, or someone who is simply being deceitful. As by way of helping you to avoid only scams, we’ll reveal a few of the most frequent gimmicks and scams that you may come across online.

Commonly-found Online Psychic Scams

The Free Psychic Reading
If we face the facts, nothing in life is actually free, and it’s the same with a psychic reading. Should a psychic offer to provide you with a free reading, do remember that there will likely be strings attached. Frequently, they’ll provide you with a variety of basic information or a “cold reading” for the free session, after which, they will convince you to pay a fee in order to retrieve the true information that you seek. The “free” psychic reading is merely a gimmick and acts as a way to get you on the phone, after which, you’ll be offered a full-priced reading.

The Curse
If the scenario is that a psychic tells you that you should pay extra money as a way of lifting a family curse, then you ought to terminate the call there and then. Truthfully, there is no such thing as a curse, and this serves as one of the oldest scams around.

The Demon Scam
A few psychics will seek money from you as a way to offer protection to your family from dangerous spirits or demons. A real psychic would never ask for extra money, irrespective the reason. The only money that should be exchanged is for the actual cost of the reading.

The Cold Reading
A cold reading is whereby a psychic asks you lots of questions up front. They ask the questions and then provide answers that they believe you wish to hear. A true psychic will simply ask your name, and your birth date and that’s about it.

It’s well worth taking a look at where honest, but cheap psychic readings can be obtained.

Modifying Your Paintball Marker to Suit Your Game

With a lot of the paintball markers you can buy these days, you get a high level of customization with them. This is so you can modify your marker to suit the different scenarios and games that you are going to play. By doing this, you will have the optimal marker at all times, without having to buy more than the one, which is what you used to have to do with a lot of older models.

When you start buying more than one paintball marker, it can begin to become an expensive hobby. Buying separate parts for a marker that will allow you to change the style completely is a much more economically viable option, which is why a lot of the bigger brands have provided this option. It is also easier for you to carry around a few extra parts, rather than several different markers.

You can purchase some very good quality markers at a reasonable price, and models like the Kingman Spyder Fenix 2012 marker will enable you to play a lot of different games just by changing over a few parts. How many times have to turned up at the Paintball center, anticipating to play one type of game, only to play another and you are not properly prepared.

A lot of paintball centers are now very creative with the kind of games they offer, this is how they try and bring in more customers. By using the highly versatile markers that are currently available, and purchasing the additional components that allow you to change the style of the marker completely, you will be prepared for any game they are going to play.

This also means a lot less equipment for you to carry around, as you can purchase bags that will enable you to fit your marker and all of the additional components into it. It is very easy to adapt your marker to any situation, as changing components is a simple process that usually takes just a few seconds. This is great for those that are not technically minded, as you will not have to worry about time-consuming and complicated situations.

Changing Internet Speeds

Not everyone is old enough like I am to remember a world of dial-up internet speeds with the pinging beeping sequence. No doubt, internet speeds have gotten faster, but not as fast as I would have expected or hoped. Have you ever thought of exactly how individuals adjust extremely swiftly to a brand-new routine? Here is a story from a couple that experienced just such a transition.

I changed jobs a number of months back. I had actually been commuting to work over an hour each way to get to my office. I would stand up at five in the morning, be on the road by 6 to be in the office by 7. I would then get off work by four, return to the roadway and get home by five. I worked earlier hours to stay clear of the heaviest traffic. With my brand-new job I am ten miles from my house. I have been so used to rising early that I get laundry taken care of along with an opportunity to walk each morning and I still get to work by 7. I get to leave at three and be home by three-fifteen. I feel like I am working part time because I have such long evenings now.

At my old job we were enabled with access to the internet for study purposes. It was a big firm so there were many individuals that were accessing the internet at the same time. It was often a very slow procedure to get on. My brand-new office is only two people and we have high speed net service. I can not believe how rapidly I get answers to searches. I was used to signing on to the web and afterwards making a few calls and getting a cup of coffee or going to the toilet while I was waiting to gain access or to get the details that I needed. With high speed web I have what I need within seconds of pressing the go into button. The time efficiency of this is off the charts, specifically if I have a customer sitting at my desk awaiting details. I told my other half that you really offset the expense of high speed net service by not having employees sitting around waiting.

My boyfriend and I decided that we were going to get a home computer. We have withstood this for years since we both spend time on computers at work; nevertheless we were feeling out of the loop with family e-mails and other benefits that come along with having a computer. We admitted that we did not wish to tie up a phone line so we chose the very same high speed internet service that I have at work. How fast was it? Well, you can always run a Centurylink speed test if that is the service you have. My other half was impressed with exactly how quick we get linked to info.

Recently my next-door neighbor was over and we were discussing getting tickets for a performance. I stated that I would pull up the web site to look at rates and availability. She could not believe exactly how swiftly I had the information. They still have dial up web and they await extended periods of time to get things to open, plus they bind their phone line. She went home and ordered the high speed internet service.

The thing that I am currently struggling with is a slow and spotty wireless connection from my laptop to my router. It makes watching video impossible as it hangs up regularly.

Five Ways To Pay Off Your Student Loans Debt

The availability of student loans has made it possible for people to pursue further education. The cost of education is quite high and includes many different expenses one big one being student accommodation, (the owners of this article rent student accommodation in Canterbury UK so they know how much it costs) and as such, payment of student loans tends to become a bother to graduates. These five ways to pay off your student loans debt will make it easier for people to pay off their loans without suffering financially.

Get a repayment plan

The first step towards easy loan repayment is getting a suitable repayment plan. Loan servicers usually have several repayment offers available that aid in loan repayment. One should choose a repayment plan that will fit their financial status without suffocating them. However, it is best to note that a student loan is basically like any other loan. This means that the longer you take to repay your loan, the more interest you pay on your principal. As such, people are advised to get a plan that will allow repayment in 2-3 years. This means that the monthly installments will be made in form of large sums of money. In this way, the interest paid out will be relatively lower due to the short period of time. The faster you clear your loan, the better.

Working for loan reduction

This factor of exchanging work for loan reduction is known by very few people. The first option is only available for federal student loans; private loans are not catered for in this case. The government allows students to take part in certain volunteer jobs that will see their student loans reduced considerably. Students can get their loans reduced by the government if they work in the following areas: teaching in areas with a shortage of teaching staff or those with extremely low-income earners, working for Peace Corps or Ameri Corps, providing medical or legal services to areas with extremely low income earners. Doctors, teachers, nurses, legal practitioners and even librarians can volunteer in high-need areas for a couple of years and receive certain reductions on their student loans.

In the case of non-volunteer work, one may ask their employer to pay off their student loan. This works only when the employee agrees to work in a company for a low salary for a couple of years as the employer pays off their loan.

Save money

Students should develop a habit of saving money every month. This money will be contributed towards paying off their student loans when they are done with school. This savings plan should take a strict route in order for the student not to defer any saving. A student should open a savings account and set a certain amount of money that will be saved in to the account every month. In order to make the money grow, the account should be tied to stocks, annuities and mutual funds that offer dividend reinvestment plans. In this way, the savings will multiply in the account. This money will be used to repay a student loan in lump sum when one is done with school.

Work while studying

Students are often advised to get a part-time job while studying. A part-time job has several benefits in terms of income earning and instilling money discipline. A student will be able to make extra money while studying. A large part of their income should be saved and used to repay their student loan in lump sum after school. Part-time jobs develop one’s discipline in terms of working and saving money. By the time a student is done with school, they will be able to clear almost all or all student loans at once.

Defer your loan

At times, it gets to a point where financial constraints make it hard for one to repay their student loan properly. This often leads to delayed or missed payments in the monthly installments. This poor payment goes in to record and gives one a poor credit history. To prevent the occurrence of a bad credit record, one should defer their loan whenever they are faced with repayment problems. Deferment will put the repayment on hold, save one from financial suffocation, penalties and a bad credit record.

One of the most significant things from these five ways to pay off your student loans debt is that the faster you pay it off, the better for you. Proper planning when one is still in school will help them use the best ways to pay off their student loans.

Might Your Next Holiday Include A Motorhome?

So if you are thinking about your next holiday now, why not make it a bit different? You can try and convince your other half that driving off towards the horizon is going to be the best thing that has ever happened to them. Once you have made the decision to go, everything is pretty easy from there. Booking motorhome hire is a cinch, either by phone or using the internet. Now all you have to do is go and get your motorhome: Drive to the nearest pick up point or if you are arriving at a UK airport, get a transfer direct to your motorhome. Your holiday starts when you get in the motorhome and start the engine.

A sound and common business model is to build a hire fleet from privately owned motorhomes, with the hire company handling insurance and every other aspect of the hire. Buy doing this it means that hire insurance can be bought at a massive discount. This means that the hirer knows that he is dealing with a large company and not just an individual, which helps a lot. In addition to this, the company will usually provide a 24/7 helpline number and breakdown insurance.

Don’t be tempted by any Tom, Dick or Harry offering the lowest price for motorhome hire. These are usually those who have bought a motorhome and don’t use it that much. To try and make some money they have decided to try and rent out their motorhome, sometimes illegally. Most of the time they won’t have Hire & Reward insurance. All will be well, just don’t have an accident or attract the attention of the police. Does this sound like a good way to spend your holiday?

This is story about someone who is addicted to using motorhomes in the winter. A very good friend of ours, Joey Dell, always loved skiing, but now loves to snowboard. In the early days he chose to stay in an apartment, as most people do. He would have a great day snowboarding and along the way he would meet people who talked about other ski resorts and how great they were. So how could he expand on his holiday and take in a few more resorts? Hiring a ‘mobile apartment’ from a motorhome hire company was of course the answer. A Chausson Flash 02 is his favourite motorhome when he is with his girlfriend or a Flash 03 if he is with a bunch of mates. It’s gonna be motorhomes all the way from now on!

You won’t ever feel cold in a motorhome. Windows have double glazed sealed units and the GRP body is well insulated even on the cheapest of motorhomes. Mostly the heater is fuelled by gas, but sometimes it is diesel. Many consider the diesel system to be an advance on the gas systems. For more info in a concise format, I recommend this site:

Some petrol guzzling RVs have been converted to run on LPG. LPG is much cheaper than petrol. Usually when the conversion has been done the owners have decided to replace the bottled gas system with an LPG tank. The same LPG as is used to power the RV is also used for the heating system.

I hope you are now ready to give motorhomeing a go now. Just hiring for the weekend might be a good start and maybe a week the following time. You can always get a motorhome with a bike rack and take your bike away with you. Try motorhomening in the low season, it’s cheaper and less crowded everywhere. I bet you will be thinking about your second motorhome holiday before you get home from your first one. Holidays like this begin the moment you turn the ignition key.

Successful Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has become a very popular method of raising funds for a project made by a company or individual. People or organizations usually propose an idea of theirs and the crowd will choose whether they are interested in funding the proposed idea or project of not.

Kickstarter is the largest crowdfunding platform out there. If you are planning to start a crowdfunding campaign, you should know that the language you use for your campaign plays a major role in its success (or failure). The Georgia institute of technology actually conducted a study that included more than 45 000 Kickstarter campaigns. They found that there are several phrases that can be linked with successful campaigns, as well as phrases that are linked with campaigns that failed.

The majority of successful campaigns make use the reciprocity concept – if you pledge, you’ll get a gift in return – this is a fairly good method of achieving success. As for phrases that were often used in successful funding, the five most successful ones include “also receive two”, “mention your”, “give the chance”, “your continued” and “we can afford”. One more interesting word that was associated with successful projects was “cats”. It seems that the internet really loves its cats!
The successful campaigns weren’t the only ones that had common phrases. Phrases that were most associated with unsuccessful campaigns were “not been able”, “even a dollar”, “later I”, “a blank” and “hope to get”.

As you can see, the pitch language plays a big role. In order to have a successful crowdfunding project, you should make sure to know how to work a crowd. Using the right language is of big importance. Successful campaigns knew how to use general persuasion principles, as well as classic marketing concepts – social proof, authority, social identity and scarcity played a major role in their success as well.